Shauna's Mishaps Through Univerity

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I’m awake at 5am

It has occurred to me that it may take a while for me to adjust back into a somewhat normal sleeping routine. Hmm…

SO. I shall use this opportunity to talk a bit about my experiences in America, the second chapter!

  • I flew out with United Airlines which.. wasn’t the best of flights. On my way there the flight was delayed for 6 hours, 6 hours. It was 4pm before it finally took off and then it was a 7 and a half hour flight (fun fun). Then my actual flight home was once again delayed, and shifted to another gate on the other end of the airport.

=3=. So I can’t say I’ll be travelling with United Airlines again any time soon.

  • I stayed with my very very VERY good friend Ellieandtheguys (who is an absolute cutie patootie and made of chocolate, rainbows and unicorns)
  • The portion sizes over there is RIDICULOUS! I think only once or twice did I actually finish a ‘normal’ sized portion of food over there, and that was when I didn’t eat all day XD
  • The weather. Oh my glob the WEATHER. I have never been around so much sun in my life. BRIGHT sun! sun which lasted for hours! didn’t hide behind clouds and sent out HEAT to people.
  • It was magical
  • I was surprised (and delighted) at the multitude of cultures and wide ethnic diversity over in the states, here we have mostly EU migrants, and not a lot of PoC. At least nowhere NEAR the US.
  • But movies still need to show off the awesome wide range of PoC in the US! I feel as if I was lied to for some reason
  • Second time being in New York and I still can’t get over how massive it is, the skyscrapers are both beautiful and ridiculous.
  • Also so much traffic
  • There was a serious lack of sheep and that concerned me very much.
  • ALSO! Fireflies. Pretty to look at yes, but Ellieandtheguys kept CATCHING them and I was just. NO! NO. BUGS NO. PUT THE FIRE BUG DOWN. NOPE //runs5ever
  • We went to Philadelphia! and had amazing ice cream which was the best thing I have ever tasted in my adult life.
  • Also we saw Liberty Bell, Independence hall.
  • But ice cream was my fave…..

And now I’m getting sleepy again XD. I’ll post photos later today 

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Dean’s all gentle and Sammy’s rough, Is it just me or did anyone else expect it to be the other way around?

one swings for angels, the other demons… not very surprising if you ask me

Me looking at the gifs:

And then I read potterblue's tags:

#ima be way inappropriate for a sec #I feel like Dean would do a really good job #make sure you get where you need to go #make sure you feel special and cared for #Sam would be good in a whole different way #he would make you feel like you weren’t breakable #he’d pick you up like you weigh nothing and hold you just a little too tight #he’d never hurt you #(unless you want him to ;) #but in the mornin he’d stick around for breakfast #Dean never would #because he cant do that without getting emotionally attached because he loves so hard #and so easy #because all he wants is love

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squashorstretch asked: Awesome blog! So you want to work in animation later?

Thank you!

I’ve admired animation since I was a child (I mean seriously, who hasn’t XD) and for the longest time I’ve wanted to make my own animations but had no idea how to, this year I’ve started to grasp the basics and have loved it so far. I enjoy both animation and character design, and hope to one day get a career in that field :D